antinatalism - a soft type of negative_utilitarianism that supports the ending of birth (mainly by humans) as a means to end suffering.


Sort of hateful quotes Edit

  • "Abortion is morally righteous because it prevents future theoretical people from existing. It saves those people from life; and it is especially needed in third world shitholes."
  • "Women have the choice to destroy everything else her body produces, so should she also have the choice to destroy the fetus she produces? Let's face it babies are idiots, people only have their first thought past one year old.
  • "Turd world niggers need to stop breeding like bunny rabbits. Seriously, you are fucking poor, why did you just have like 5 kids? What do you think about anti-natalism and The VHEMT?"

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It has been criticized as being irresponsible because they cannot kill everything.[2]

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This tag implicates negative_utilitarianism and utilitarianism.

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