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"It is page-worthy if it is a correct tag!"

This is a combined tag wiki for and from boorus.

This wiki is focused on the visual difference between lexical units which in this case are tags as:

  1. words
  2. phrases
  3. characters, artists, copyrights
  4. letters
  5. numbers
  6. etc.

Directory Edit

See: Category:Universal for tags used at all boorus, and within that categories there are subcategories for particular boorus that use particular tags (tags sometimes only used at said booru).

All pages here are of one or more of the following categories:

Currently, the three main Boorus being supported are:

Main wikis Edit

All articles here are required to have been signified through digital images with the signifier being on the same booru webpage as said digital image.



If you have many tag wiki pages that you want imported here, as admin, I can do that; see Booru Wiki:Import pages for how to format to wiki markup format or XML format for importing.

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