dark (adjective, darker, darkest):

  • "with little or no light"; "(of a color or object) not reflecting much light: approaching black in shade"
  • morally wrong (gore, grimdark, etc.) - don't use this tag with this meaning

This tag is used for posts which have little or no lighting and colors which are somewhat near black in shade. Basically this is for any post that is depicted as poorly lit.

Details Edit

Michael_Jackson did a famous dance move where he would lean forward 45 degrees or more all while maintaining a straight non-bent body. This was accomplished by physical strength and a mechanism in the shoe that anchors to a hitch in the ground.[1] In one performance an area goes dark; in this area four people, including Michael Jackson, are anchoring themselves to the ground. A possible distraction of a person with a fake bomb is also seen in this time frame.[2]

References Edit

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