• "the state of being diverse; variety"
  • a multiplicity off types of people, culturally, ethnically, and racially

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Some arguments state that diversity is bad for society (these arguments sometimes use the negative terms "Cultural_Marxism" and "anti-White"):

5 Reasons Why Diversity Is Bad For Societies (in under 5 minutes)!k1d0GZSR!oO01fW1-GpmupLbHvykBcXHV0iNVXItzo6QRjMHs4Tg

In this video I discuss the relationship between ethnic diversity and five major factors that it affects in negative ways. This video is short and sweet and moves fast. Try and keep up! Feel Free to pause and reflect.

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Some arguments state that diversity is good for society:

  • - title: "Diversity Makes Us Better - YouTube"; uploader: John Stossel; uploaded: November 14, 2016; duration: 7 minutes and 58 seconds; YouTube category: News & Politics;
  • - title: "The benefits of diversity and the myth of race (Analysis) - 2018 - YouTube"; uploader: The Serfs; uploaded: October 23, 2018; duration: 20 minutes and 13 seconds; YouTube category: Comedy; note: Immigrants leaving a country economically hurts the country that they leave. This is not mentioned in this video.;
  • - title: "The Least Diverse Place in America - YouTube"; uploader: PragerU; uploaded: April 13, 2017; duration: 5 minutes and 33 seconds; YouTube category: Education;

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