emetophilia is also known as "vomit fetish". Emetophilia is a fetish where someone experiences sexual arousal from vomiting: where the vomiting is done by the individual with this fetish or by another individual.

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At one website, in thread 176790763 emetophilia is implied by post number 176791807 (which is a humorous imagination of people who are easily offended):

'[...] Social justice does restrict individual freedom. Just consider all the public outrage over dumb shit. Stupid fucking public. Public outrage is observed on the Internet. Examples:
I could just imagine them: "How dare her, how fucking dare her! I WAS SO DISGUSTED! I was so disgusted that I vomited on my dick! Then I just had to masturbate! After I finished, I was even more disgusted!"'[1]

Hai2u is a website, picture, and video which is related to this phenomenon. Hai2u involves a woman named Catalina.

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