The following are tags that describe how a person's body is posed in a post.

Basic positions: Edit

Action related postures Edit

Other postures potentially involving the whole body Edit

Other rest points of the body Edit

Head Edit

See Tag group:Eyes for tags indicating the direction of a character's gaze, including looking at viewer, looking to the side, looking afar, etc.

Torso Edit

Arms Edit

Basic arm position

More specific arm position

Hands Edit

Hand positions

See Tag group:Hands for the location of the hand, and things touched by a hand. It includes hand on ear, hand on ass, hand in pocket, etc.) See Tag group:Gestures for various gestures involving one or both hands.

Hands touching each other (one or more characters)

Legs Edit

Leg location

Knee location

Foot position

Other leg postions

Posture of at least two characters Edit

Posture of at least three characters Edit

Other hugging Edit

Poses Edit