white_nationalism is the ideology that white people should have their own nation. White nationalists usually do not agree with being hateful in their racism,[1] but instead see it as respecting part of the human dualism of higher-nature and lower-nature.[2] They also believe that the way to solve ethic conflict is not more tolerance but more seperation.[3]

Since the later 20th century White Nationalism is not mainstream politics and is considered to be taboo in Western Civilization.

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"The two central organs of intellectual white nationalism in the US are American Renaissance and VDare"[4]

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Criticism mainly comes from people who have a collectivist_morality, examples:

  • stating that it causes great suffering and pain: a "scourge that won't go away".[5]
  • Nationalism being the cause of Nazism (low moral value)[6]

White nationalist are sometimes white_knights.[7]

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  2. - "Ethno-Nationalism and the Metaphysics of Virtue" by Davis Aurini

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